Search engine optimisation in Melksham

A lot of businesses have yet to get to grips with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Melksham. But with nearly eighty percent of the entire population of the United Kingdom online, it is becoming essential that they do. If you are not using the internet to market your business then you are missing out!

Varn is a local SEO company near Melksham that can help you. We recommend proper analysis and planning in online marketing before implementing the strategies that will build your businesses online presence and customer base.

A targeted SEO strategy in Melksham to increase traffic and sales
SEO requires talent and experience. Our online marketing takes a two-staged approach to create targeted traffic to your website from Google and the other main search engines. Firstly, we work with you to understand your company and your potential customers and then identify which keywords will generate the most business for you.

The next step involves optimising your website for the keywords we have identified.

Our SEO services

The search engine optimisation services we provide are:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Onsite Script Changes
  • Individual Webpage Analysis
  • Content Planning & Creation
  • Content Marketing & Link Profile Work
  • Web Analytics
  • Monthly Search Engine Ranking & Visitor Reports
Your online marketing department
We will take you through the steps of analysis, planning and implementing a profitable online marketing strategy that will grow with your company. From managing Pay Per Click campaigns, to improving SERP results (search engine ranking pages) and managing your email marketing and social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, Varn are the experts to ask, maximising your online visibility and revenue through a series of targeted web marketing techniques.

We can be your online marketing department.

Face to face
Melksham is not far from us, so we can easily arrange to meet you in person at a place and time that suits you! So do contact us now on 01225 439960 to discuss your SEO objectives.