Challenge: Underperforming website

If you are responsible for planning or managing an on-going search marketing strategy or new website project, you need to assess your starting position. A full audit of your current website’s capabilities in search is essential, so you can understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your site and what improvements need to be made before you invest in any marketing campaigns.

In other words, you need to make sure your site is fully optimised for search engines before you get going. One of our bespoke site audits will assess your website’s ability to rank well for your most important keywords compared to your competitors. Also, it can look at why your competitors perform better than you.
We have produced audits for a whole range of clients from FTSE 100 listed companies to small local businesses. Each one we undertake is bespoke and tailored to each client, their target market and online marketing strategy.

In the bespoke SEO audit we will assess your content and keyword targeting, navigation and structure, loading speed, mobile responsiveness, linking profile, usability and onsite conversion methods and compare this to your main online competitors.
You will gain an in-depth understanding of how your website currently performs in search and what needs to be done to improve rankings and your share of traffic to increase the number of relevant visitors it receives from search engines.

The SEO audit findings will conclude with a list of prioritised recommendations for you to implement, to ensure your website is optimised and that it will rank as highly as possible for your target keywords given the level of competition you face.

Challenge: Managing and implementing a search marketing strategy

Often companies want to manage their search/digital marketing in house, but it can be difficult for the senior team to have the required experience of search marketing and to understand what is required and what good looks like.

This can mean that internal teams can be running under optimised search marketing campaigns or new website projects and marketing campaigns are underutilised. This can have a real and negative impact on the company’s marketing performance.
We will act as an independent expert whose sole focus is on making sure that any web and marketing projects deliver the best possible search performance.

From being part of marketing strategy meetings, line managing internal digital marketing staff, reviewing web projects or running training programmes we will make sure that your search marketing is delivering real business benefit.
We have a team of senior search marketing strategists and experts that are experienced at working at board level with FTSE 100 companies and SMEs.

You will, therefore, get independent senior-level input as and when it is needed and not have to pay for this expensive resource full time.

Challenge: Discovering what your prospective clients are searching for and where

You must make sure that your keyword strategy is targetted at the correct users and not just driving traffic for traffics sake. Understanding a searcher’s intent behind the keywords they use in search engines will empower your business to deliver the right content at the right time. With similarities to consumer behaviour modelling, the aim is to develop a full understanding of the human and technical processes involved in how your target market searches online.
Search Intent Modelling is a unique service to provide more accuracy in linking keywords in search to your most relevant content. An in-depth analysis of how and why those keywords are used will influence the design, content and structure of your webpages – and how to offer and present your products or services in the most intuitive, relevant way at the correct point in the buying process.
Our Search Intent Modelling solution includes persona research, keyword analysis, competitor data analysis, usability testing, paid search keyword testing and search trends expertise.
at various points in their search journey and how you can best capture this audience. This information will define your website architecture and target keyword groups, focus your content strategy and identify new landing page opportunities.

Challenge: Your content is targeting the wrong keywords

If you have content gaps then you are losing out on enquiries and sales. When content is successfully aligned to what your audience is searching for you will gain higher page rankings, win more click-throughs and massively increase interactions with your target market.

But looking at your website statistics in isolation can’t tell you if there are sections of your target market that you are simply not reaching in search. Your website might be missing out on attracting relevant users just because you don’t have a page on ‘xxxx’.
We will analyse and compare search traffic going to your main competitors’ websites in order to identify gaps in your content strategy – where relevant visitors are going to rival websites - and not yours - because you do not have the right content on your pages in order to compete in search.
You will be able to sleep well at night knowing there aren’t any groups of potential visitors that your competitors are reaching but you are not. And that your website content is working hard to provide the highest amount of relevant search traffic it can.

Challenge: Analysing the internal linking architecture on large websites

Internal page linking is a massively under-utilised SEO technique, especially for larger website. Not only is it used within a page to direct people straight to other pages of interest without having to use the main navigation, but it also gives SEO weighting to your most important content. It is important that each page includes enough internal links to achieve these two aims but too many links can be detrimental, as this dilutes the SEO importance of each link.
Ideal for large websites and possible for sites from 100 to 1,000,000 pages, we use our custom built Internal Linking Analysis tool to generate importance scores for each of the pages on your site, before visualising these scores in a clear, concise and colour coded graph. Our Internal Linking tool uses a bespoke formula, written by our SEO experts, that incorporates the many factors affecting the strength and importance of the internal links. We then analyse this data to make recommendations for improving your internal linking structure.
Using our custom-made formula and the knowledge of our SEO experts, we can provide you with a unique insight into your internal linking structure. You will receive a customised report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your current internal linking structure. This will include a bespoke visualisation of the connectivity of your site, details on which pages are receiving the most linking weighting and which pages are disconnected from the rest of your site. Our experts will also be able to provide you with a list of actionable recommendations to improve your internal linking architecture, so that you can feel confident that your site is well connected with an optimised linking strategy.

Challenge: You don't control the Top 10 of Google for your brand name

When people type your company or brand name into a search engine it is usually because they find this the easiest way to get to your website or to find out more about you. Whatever the reason, it is imperative that you control the top 10 of the Google search results. So it is important that your website not only appears at the top of the search results but that your brand appears in multiple locations throughout the results page, is highly visible and is positively backed up by other trustworthy sources. One negative listing is enough to stop a proportion of searchers from clicking though to your website.
We will analyse the effectiveness of your current brand control in search and recommend improvements to search engine listings and the appearance of relevant results pages.
This includes looking at how people currently search for your brand and how you can optimise your Google My Business, image and video rich snippets, social media accounts and third party website entries to effectively dominate the first results page in search.

You will be able to control what appears in the top listings for your brand name in search as much as possible. Your top brand name listing will be prominent and effective. Other areas of the search results page - such as the knowledge panel, location pack, news, video and twitter feeds - will be used to promote your brand where relevant and any negative or competitive listings that you do not want to be visible will be pushed down out of view.
Your brand or company can also be immediately validated through entries on other trustworthy and recognisable websites that are listed immediately below your site - like Wikipedia, YouTube, local and national media, review sites like Feefo and Trustpilot, directory sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, and social sites like Facebook, and LinkedIn. Potential customers will be ripe for conversion before they have even visited your site!

Challenge: Understanding the value and potential required investment of a digital business

Most successful businesses start with a business case outlining the why, what, how and who. Online businesses are no different. Whether you want to launch a new product, service or brand or extend into divergent markets, the online marketplace will probably make up some, if not most, of your target audience. You need to know the potential size of this audience, where they are, how they connect and use search to find products and services and what competitors there are also targeting them.

Or you may be interested in buying an established online business and need to do due diligence to evaluate its commercial potential before investing.

This is specialised information - all this data is hard to find unless you have the tools, access and experience necessary to analyse online data and trends. This is where we can help.
We have developed our own modelling techniques to predict the size and shape of specific markets in search to provide you with the research you need to complete a robust business model.

For example, you may currently have a very profitable shopping channel selling pet accessories on Amazon but are worried that this is too restrictive and would like to expand sales through your own branded website. How do you find out the size of this market and what share you could realistically expect to get in the short, medium and long-term? How often do they shop for their pet online and how much do they spend? Where do they live? What pet accessories are searched for the most online? What would they expect your website to look like and do? What level of investment would it take to build this site? Answering these questions will enable you to make the search revenue predictions necessary for your business case model.
You provide us with the business vision – whether that is borne from a problem or opportunity - and we will provide you with the initial research and data focusing on what you could expect to achieve using search engines as a primary route to market. You will then be able to confidently weigh up the benefits and risks of proceeding.

We will also be able to provide you with realistic technical solutions, costs and timescales with which to finalise your business plan and secure the internal or external approval and investment needed.