12th November 2012
Value Proposition

Integrating your Business’ Value Proposition Online


By this stage, you should have uncovered your optimal Value Proposition. Now it’s time to integrate it throughout your website. 

The process of integration of your value proposition can take a number of different forms, depending on your business’ website structure, pages and so on. However, there are three common marketing elements which you can focus on to effectively integrate your proposition into a conversion process. These are the following:

  • Proof Points
  • Supporting Stories
  • Illustrative Images

1. Proof Points: These are text bytes which support your claims of value. You should identify at least three of these proof points, which can take the form of bullet points and include specific, quantifiable language which supports your value.

2. Supporting Stories: You should identify supporting stories which substantiate your business’ claims of value. Communicate to your audience how the best aspects of your offers came about through the story of your business. Talk about how you came to appreciate your products or services and how you go about selecting them. Tell the story of why you do what you do. Stories have been proven to build trust and brand. They are more engaging than other forms of information.

3. Illustrative Images: Try to find meaningful graphics which illustrate your claim of value. Find images which bring relevance and reality to the value. Use images which relate to your claim – not just ones which look good. 

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Article by: Aimee, Head of Technical SEO More articles by Aimee

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