17th October 2013

How to recover a deleted Google Analytics account or profile


To get your analytics account back follow the steps below – but a word of warning! For this process you will need your Google Analytics account to have been linked to a Google AdWords account and you will need to act quickly.  (If you don’t have a linked Google AdWords account then do contact us on 01225 863047 as soon as possible because we have helped quite a few different companies recover their Google Analytics accounts, fees start from £160 + VAT.)

The three steps you need to follow are:

1) Contact your Google AdWords Account Manager as soon as possible after the deletion of your Analytics account. You can do this by logging into AdWords and going to the Help Centre. The option to chat will show on the right hand side under ‘Contacting Support’.

 2) You will need to have the following information ready for the Google team, so it is good practise to save the details of your account off-line somewhere:

  •  All profile names set up for your account (also referred to as Views)
  • All UA-numbers (example UA-000000-01). The first set of numbers refers to the account number and the second set refers to the property numbers associated with the account.
  • Login admin email address for the account

3)  Be prepared to give Google formal permission in an email that they should reinstate your cancelled Google Analytics account.

 Your request will then be sent to Googles technical team who will be able to resolve the problem…

Following these steps has resulted in successful reinstatements of deleted Google Analytics accounts, although we can’t promise success though so do be careful when editing your accounts.  

That said if you are still stuck do contact us on 01225 863047 as soon as possible because we have helped quite a few companies recover their Google Analytics accounts, fees start from £160 + VAT.  

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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