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Google says that there are over 200 factors that impact how your website ranks within their search engine. Whilst a lot of these are to do with off-site factors, such as how good your website link profile is, some very important ones are to do with on-site factors and what your competitors are doing. These factors include how the website is built, what keywords it’s focused on, the content, your information architecture, how images are used and how the internal linking is structured. Our Bespoke, created by tech SEO specialists not computer-generated, SEO audits can include analysis of different elements within your website, external factors and – also importantly – your competitors’ websites.


Bespoke SEO Audit Packages and Costs

SEO Audits for Publishers, Medical Companies and more…

Our expert team has produced audits for a whole range of clients from small, local shops to larger, FTSE 100 listed businesses; From national publishers to reputable, global medical companies. Each audit that we undertake is bespoke and tailored to each client, their target market, and their online marketing strategy.

Your site audit will conclude with a list of prioritised recommendations for you to implement, either in-house or with our help. By implementing these, you will be ensuring that your website is optimised and has the best chance of ranking highly for your chosen keywords. On completion of the SEO audit, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how your website currently performs and what needs to be done to improve rankings and for your share of traffic and relevant visitors from search engines to increase.

What's Included in a Bespoke SEO Audit from Varn?

Take a closer look at the SEO audit packages available by downloading our Bespoke SEO Audit PDF. Alternatively, if you would like more information on the SEO services available or have a question about our audit packages, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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