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We are a specialist SEO
agency for SMEs

Helping ambitious small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) perform better on line with SEO

Our SEO agency specialises in SEO and search marketing for ambitious small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Varn is a Google certified and local SEO company, specialising in search marketing for SMEs. We deliver results and impact for clients across all sectors, with particular focus on businesses within the South West, UK.

We are highly experienced experts in the analysis and planning of online marketing and implementing SEO strategies that will help improve the search traffic and rankings performance of your small/ medium-sized business.

We combine our deep knowledge of technical SEO, with open and honest ways of working, alongside extensive experience in digital PR creativity, in order to delight our clients by delivering profitable growth for their online business.



Increase in
non-brand sessions



Increase in
website revenue

Thought Clothing


Increase in
e-commerce conversion rate

Paper Bag Co

How SEO can help your small/medium sized business

From managing your Pay Per Click advertising on Google to improving your search traffic and your website’s ranking on the search engines, through to managing your email marketing, Varn can build and brand your SME business online through a multitude of marketing techniques that will help to drive traffic to your website and increase your revenue.

So if you want to improve your SEO as a small to medium sized business, UK wide or internationally, we can be your digital marketing department.

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Why Varn?

We love all things SEO, it’s what makes us happy and our business thrive


We are an expert specialist search marketing and analytics agency supporting small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

From planning and managing full search marketing strategies to consultancy, SEO and PPC audits and training we will work with you to help deliver sustainable and profitable growth through your website and search marketing channels.

We love to work with likeminded people and hope to have lot’s of fun on the way to getting you the results you want.


We really know our SEO stuff. Varn Managing Director, Tom Vaughton is a regular speaker at Brighton SEO, Europe’s largest and most respected conference for SEO professionals.


Interested in finding out more?

You can take a look here at some of the SEO talks Tom has given recently at Brighton SEO.


Some of our SEO clients


A custom SEO strategy for your SME business that will help you conquer Google

SEO is both an art and a discipline, particularly for businesses that are considered to be small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our internet marketing takes a two-staged approach to generate high quality traffic to your website. Firstly we will work with you to understand your SME business and your clients and then identify which keywords are most important to your business.

The next step is to start search engine optimisation on each of these important keywords so that we can get your website attracting as much business as possible.

If you need help with how to improve your website rankings  and optimise your SEO, it can be a difficult process to find a trusted agency to partner with. All SEO agencies promise higher rankings and more traffic for your website, but it is important to be sure you are hiring a trusted agency that will be able to deliver on that promise. There are things you can do to make sure you are hiring the best SEO agency and Google has some really useful advice, so that you can pick the best partner for your business. We have shared this advice in the following article which you may find a useful read; ‘How to find a great SEO Agency – Google’s Advice’



Google accounts for approximately 75% of all online search traffic


The first 5 results in Google account for almost 70% of all clicks


More than 90% of online web pages receive no organic search traffic due to a lack of SEO

How to hire an SEO agency

Take a look at the following video from Google Webmaster Tools on how to hire an SEO agency. Google’s Maile Ohye shares her advice for hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) to improve the searcher experience on your website.

Looking for a Google Recommended SEO Agency for SMEs?

SEO Agency for SMEs

Digital Marketing and SEO are now two of the most critical components of any business that wants to grow and succeed. With almost 90% of the UK’s population online, if as an SME, you are not using the internet as a marketing tool for your business, then you are almost definitely missing out on business.

Varn is a Google certified Digital Marketing and SEO company. We are specialists in analysis and planning of online marketing and implementing strategies that help grow your small to medium sized business.

Our agency is based near Bath in the UK, and we love to work with other businesses based in the South West. We can happily arrange to meet at a venue that suits you once face to face is allowed. For now, we can meet on video or on the phone and can work around your schedule. So do contact us now on 00 44 1225 439960 to discuss your SME search marketing objectives.

Get SEO Savvy

Let us help upskill your SME business, with our range of SEO and digital marketing training courses.

Upcoming SEO Courses for SME businesses & marketing professionals

£250 + VAT

Introduction to
Google Ads

This Google Ads workshop by  AdPilot and Varn will provide you with the know...

£250 + VAT

Introduction to
Google Analytics

This Google Analytics workshop by Varn will provide you with the know-how...

£250 + VAT

Introduction to
Technical SEO

This workshop by Varn will provide you with an understanding of the fundamental search engine optimisation elements...

£400 + VAT

Introduction to
Video Content Creation

This Video Content Creation workshop will enable you harness skills that will allow you to create your own video content...

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