How to play

Have you got what it takes to navigate Santa through the maze of obstacles, and onwards to deliver his sleigh of presents to all of the expectant kids around the world?


Navigate Santa through the obstacles, using your left mouse button to give Santa’s sleigh a boost.


Every obstacle you get past, gives you an extra point on your total.


Watch out though, just one false move and you are out of the game!

Can you top the Varn Santa leaderboard?

Can anyone top last years highest score of 372 points?

Please note: winners will be chosen on 31st December 2021.
Any entries after midnight on 30th December will not be counted.
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Inflatable 2 Person Kayak from Aquaplanet

(1st Prize)

  • Get the highest score and win a fabulous 2 person kayak from Aquaplanet.
  • Find out about more about Aquaplanet’s Inflatable Kayaks.

Donation to Charity

(of your choice)

  • If you win 1st prize we will also make a donation to charity.
  • You choose the charity you would like to pick and we will donate £1 for every 1 point you score, (up to £1000).

Taste of Bath Hamper

(Winner of Prize Draw)

We’re giving away a Taste of Bath hamper for the winner of the prize draw. Simply play to enter.

The hamper includes items like:

  • Wyfe of Bath Cheese
  • Bath Squares Crackers
  • Hot Date Chutney
  • Traditional Vanilla Fudge
  • Handmade Salted Caramel Truffles
  • Bath Gin
  • Indian Tonic
Alison Walsh62
George Talbot58
Ollie Walker57
Simon Henderson54
Rose M52
Mark Williams46
Tracey Dunster43
Annie Harrold39
Thomas (Rudy helped)35
Doug Symons28
Tom Williams23
Will Stephens19
Geo Craig14
Neil Lewis13
eifion Loosley13
Eric Smith11
Jenny McBridge8
James Bond7
Jeremy Andrews1
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